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Petco Foundation

Invests In Lifesaving Work of Prevent Homeless Pets

Grant of $7,500 will extend efforts to save more animal lives from Central to South-Eastern Washington State.

Benton City (7/1/2016) – Prevent Homeless Pets (PHP) of Benton City, today announced it has been awarded a $7,500 grant from the Petco Foundation to support its spay and neuter services. This program is to be available based on need to alter cats, particularly large colonies or individual cats of extremely low income residents in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area (South-Eastern to Central Washington).

Prevent Homeless Pets is a nonprofit spay and neuter clinic in Benton City, Washington, serving communities from Central to South-Eastern Washington. PHP, established in 2009, spayed and neutered in borrowed/rented clinics 7,809 cats and 571 dogs through the fall of 2013.

On September 6, 2013, Prevent Homeless Pets proudly opened the doors to their own clinic at 812 Della Avenue, Benton City, Washington. Since that date, we have performed 10,956 cat and 2,618 dog spays and neuters, for a grand total of 18,765 cat and 3,189 dog surgeries. This has prevented many unwanted litters and therefore decreased unnecessary euthanasia.

The Petco Foundation investment will help to save the lives of homeless cats by promoting and facilitating access to affordable, high volume/high quality spay and neuter surgeries in a professional clinical environment.

“The Petco Foundation grant is important as it will allow us to provide support for free surgeries for individuals who cannot afford to spay/neuter their animals or if they have so many animals that they need assistance to supplement the total cost,” said Harriet Johnson, Executive Director.

For more information about Prevent Homeless Pets or the Petco Foundation, visit www.preventhomelesspets.org or www.petcofoundation.org. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by using the hashtag #PetcoFoundation.