An Instrument in the Fight Against Pet Over Population

What is TNR?
TNR – Trap- Neuter (Spay)- Release is a way to address the over population of the unowned animals in our community.  This process is done by humanely trapping all of the cats/kittens in one area, or one colony at a time and then bringing them in to the clinic to be spayed/neutered.  After surgery they are released in the same place where they were trapped.  There should be a caretaker (or caretakers) providing the animals with food, water, and shelter when possible in each area, or for each colony.

January and February are IMPORTANT months in which to trap colonies to avoid the onset of kittens in the spring.

Get a group of friends together, register for a clinic and go out and TRAP!  Let’s not have any more kittens dying from starvation and dehydration, or abuse.

Prevent Homeless Pets may have some traps available for your use.  PHP is also accepting donations for the purchase of traps as trapping is an integral process in the battle against pet over population.

Would you like some more information regarding the success of TNR?  Go to:

Good Luck!

Here are some links to help you understand how to trap feral animals.