Clinic Phone Number: 509-497-1133

Prevent Homeless Pets
2015 Spays and Neuters
through September 18, 2015

CATS = 3, 078
DOGS = 719


Check out our September and October clinic dates below.

August Calendar 2

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Webpage Notes:
Under Clinic Information tab, click on Benton City and then click on Paperwork.
*Print off a Feline or Canine Medical Record.  One for each animal you are bringing. Complete the top portion of the form.
*Print out a Rabies Certificate.  There are two of the same form on each page.  Complete the first two lines of each certification needed.
*Print out a Surgical Release form.  Fill in the top portion.  Complete the information for each animal you are bringing.  Sign the form.  Bring these completed forms when you come for your appointment.

Additional NOTES:
Kennels and traps should be cleaned with a heavy lining of newspaper.  This saves our volunteers lots of time, and they would appreciate your assistance.