We Love Our Pets

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We Love Our Pets – License Plates

Each year nearly 150,000 cats and dogs end up in shelters across Washington State.  With the purchase of a “We Love Our Pets” Washington State license plate, you will help spay and neuter more pets and save lives.  Spaying or neutering is the most humane and effective method for reducing the number of homeless pets, and provides dogs and cats with significant health and behavioral benefits.  Reducing pet homelessness means less suffering for stray and abandoned animals, as well as fewer tax dollars spent on caring for animals in need.

The license plate features lovable characters designed by artist and author Brian Bassett, (Adam@Home and “Red and Rover”), and are available for purchase at all Washington State vehicle licensing offices.  Learn more about how organizations can apply for the license plate fund grants, including a list of groups who have been awarded since granting began in 2007.  To help spread the word about the plate, please download, print and distribute the We Love Our Pets flyers.

What does it cost?

The original cost to purchase a plate is $40 plus applicable licensing fees.  When the vehicle registration comes due, you will need to pay an additional $30 to keep the plate on your vehicle even if you have not had the plate for a full year.  Plates are available for registered passenger vehicles, light duty pickups, trailers, motorcycles and campers in Washington State.  For questions or to locate vehicle licensing offices, visit the Washington State Department of Vehicle Licensing.  Thank you for your support!

Phone: 509-497-1133