A Stitch-in-Time 2019

Dear Friends,
Thanks to your gifts, together we have spayed & neutered 4,057 cats and 1,198 dogs this year to date.  Three other highlights we are proud to share include:  reaching our first year’s occupancy in our new clinic on September 4th, celebrating 6 years of spay and neuter surgeries September 6th and on October 9th we passed our 40,000th animal spay and neuter surgery.  None of these would have been possible without you, our partners!
Of course, we would like to acknowledge all of our volunteers, staff, and donors for their continued support through their time and gifts that we have received over the years. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) sure explains why PHP is so successful!  Grants are a big help in our community, as well, allowing a large number of unowned animals and pets whose owners have extremely limited income to receive life saving spay & neuter surgeries.  This year we received grants from Innovia Foundation, PetCo Foundation, Walmart Foundation, and for the 6th consecutive year, from Legends Casino and the Washington Federation of Animal Care & Control Agencies (We Love Our Pets license plates), totalling close to $30,000.
Although grants are a great way to help defray the cost of spays and neuters, we still rely on our public donations and gifts to help keep our doors open. As in past years, we reach out to our community for our annual Stitch-in-Time campaign to help offset the clinic’s operating costs throughout the year to come.  We are so fortunate to have special donors who believe in our mission who commit to match dollar for dollar all gifts received during this campaign. Our total operating budget is estimated at $56,000 for 2020. This covers utilities, insurance, equipment maintenance, some wages, licensing, etc. as well as subsidizing our feral cat spay/neuter pricing. Our Stitch-in-Time Campaign goal is therefore half, or $28,000, to be matched by our special donors who will gift the remaining $28,000.
All gifts acquired between November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020 will be applied to our Stitch-In-Time Campaign to earn the matching funds. If you have already donated, we appreciate your contributions.  If you would like to make a gift you can either mail a check to PHP at the address below or give through our PayPal account which you can find on our website at www.preventhomelesspets.org.  If you would rather donate shares of stock we are now able to receive those donations as well.  To access those instructions please check our website or contact our bookkeeper at 509-497-1133.
Once again we thank you for your support in our mission to prevent homeless pets through low cost spays and neuters.  Bless you and have a safe and wonderful holiday season.
Harriet Johnson, Director
Prevent Homeless Pets
1000 Irma Lane
Benton City, WA  99320

PHP would like to thank ALL VETERANS of the American Armed Forces for your service to our country!

To show our appreciation PHP is offering one free spay or neuter to any low-income qualified veteran. 

Please complete our “Low-Income” application so we may determine if you qualify for our complimentary offer. 

Stu and his brothers; Biscuit and Cookie, were rescued when they were less than a week old. They were hiding in tall grass and were nearly run over by a lawn mower. Luckily a good Samaritan saw and rescued them. He brought them to a cat rescuer in an old stew pot, because he could not find anything else to put them in. Lucky for Stu and his brothers, the cat rescuer was fostering a mother cat who had just weaned her kittens and she took to the kittens right away.
Dr. Doyle and Surgical Assistant, Dianna, in our new surgery suite.
Our new facility!
CATS 2019
DOGS 2019