Benton City Clinic [Read This Page First]

The Washington State Licensed veterinarian for the Benton City Clinic is Dr. Sheila Doyle.

The clinic is located at 1000 Irma Lane, Benton City, WA.   Click here for Directions to PHP

NO WALK-INS accepted.  All surgeries are by APPOINTMENT only.

To Schedule an Appointment

  • PET Appointments:
    First complete the “low-income application”.   You will be required to bring current proof of your status.  We can only perform spay or neuter surgery for pets of qualified (and approved by us) low income households.
  • Un-Owned Animals
    These include feral and stray animals being fed by individuals.  Un-owned animals also include shelter and rescue animals.  People bringing in un-owned animals have no need to qualify as “low-income”.
  • All Appointments:
    Either complete the Schedule Your Appointment form online OR call to schedule an appointment.  Do NOT do both.
  • PAYMENT IN FULL IS EXPECTED WHEN YOUR ANIMAL(S) IS/ARE DROPPED OFF.   Check the Price & Services Offered list for your costs so that you come prepared.  We accept checks and cash — We now accept Credit/Debit cards for a small transaction fee.
  • Go to the paperwork page print out and complete the required pages and bring them with you when you drop off your animal(s) to the appointment.

Except for the Washington State Registered Veterinarian and Veterinarian Technician we are fully staffed by volunteers.  Due to the high volume of calls that we receive it may take up to a week to respond to your call.

If you choose to call our phone number is: 509-497-1133.  You will most likely reach our voicemail.  Remember to speak slowly and clearly.  We won’t be able to return your call if we cannot understand your phone number!  Leave a message with the following information.

  • State your name and phone number (slowly!);
  • Tell us how many animals you are making the appointment for.  For each animal provide us with the following information:
  • Is it (are they) cats, or dogs?
  • Is it (are they) male or female?
  • If it’s a dog – how much does the animal weigh?
    Do not estimate, actually weigh your dog.
  • If it’s a cat is it feral (wild) or friendly?
  • What is it’s approximate age?